NSTV equipment use is FREE to all members for all non-commercial projects to be aired on NSTV Channels 20/37.

NSTV does provide a low-cost alternative to those interested in renting video equipment and to use on projects not intended for cablecast on NSTV. An individual or group may rent equipment or facility time at NSTV under the following conditions:

Upon reserving equipment, the individual or group must leave a 20% deposit or a Certificate of Insurance listing NSTV as “additional insured,” with respect to General Liability ($1,000,000), and “loss payee” with respect to Equipment/Facility Loss and Damage ($500,000). Certificates are due concurrently at signature of agreement. If a cancellation occurs up to 72 hours before the scheduled reservation, the deposit is refunded in full. If the individual or group cancels after that time, or does not show up at all, the deposit is forfeited. The deposit is applied toward the final total of the rental, which is due immediately upon completion of the rental. 

For rate or booking information please email info@nstv.org or call Erica Bradley at 516-629-3710 ext 12.