“Welcome Home: Vietnam” (above) received a NY Emmy nomination in 2016.


This North Shore TV (NSTV) project is a series of programs which incorporates interviews with our local veterans from various wars.

Our purpose is to preserve the history and memories of the United States Veterans by providing them with an opportunity to tell the story of their experiences defending democracy throughout the world. Through their stories, we will learn about human character, bravery and patriotism. This series of programs will honor and remember the US Veterans who served and sacrificed their lives in the service of our country. NSTV’s initial programs for the series featured our local World War II Veterans: Victor Cannizzaro, Captain, USMC, Don Ferguson, Captain, USMC, Joseph Giaconne, Lieutenant Commander, US Navy, Norman Hall, Corporal, US Army, Jules Siegel, SGT, US Army, Henry Davis, SGT, US Army, Mary McWilliams, Captain, US Coast Guard, Edward Reiff, 2nd Lieutenant, US Army, John Keegan, Corporal, US Army, Mel Goldberg, 1st Lieutenant, US Army Air Corps, Charlie Braverman, Corporal, US Army, Saul Sacks, Captain, US Army/Dental Corps, Jacob Boltino, PFC, US Army, Innis O’ Rourke, Lieutenant, US Navy, Charlie Knuth, SGT, US Army, Lawrence Kaplan, SGT, US Army, Fred Grosselfinger, Lt. Colonel, US Army, Larry Day, SFC, US Navy/SEEBEES, Murray Seeman, Captain, US Army, Stan Romaine, PFC, US Army, Paul Colangelo, PVT, US Army, Paul Sparber, 2nd Lieutenant, US Army Air Corps, Elliot Lazarus, SGT, US Army, Walter Blum, PVT US Army, Robert Furlong, 1st Lieutenant, US Army, Arthur Seidman, 1st Lieutenant, US Army, Mel Sachs, Lieutenant, US Navy, Joseph Schreiber, 1st Lieutenant, US Army, Joseph Wilson, USMMA Cadet/US Navy, Stanley Schwartz, Captain, US Army, Jack Weinstein, Lieutenant, US Navy, Gilbert Blum, US Army, and Mel Rubin, Lieutenant, US Navy.  These programs first cablecast in November 2008 and can be viewed on our YouTube page: NSTV Long Island. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GAbrvi6fN4o&t=24s) Then our local Korean War Veterans: Robert Atkins, US Navy, Gabriel Chieco, US Army, Don Ferguson, Colonel, USMS, Len Gappleberg, US Army and James Moorehead, US Navy.  Our Vietnam Veterans: James Barton, Airman E3, Navy, Lee Blackmon, Sergeant E5 US Marine, Decker Decker, E5 Army, Joseph Giannini, Captain, Marine, Peter Gong, SFC E7, Army, Jack McCormack, Corporal, Marine, John McInerney, Corporal Marine, Michael Mullarkey, SGT E5, Army, Dennis Sgambati, SP4/E4, Army, Michael Sulsona, Sergeant E5, Marine and Steven Tagg, Chief Warrant Officer, CW2 US Army Aviation.

The goal of this project is to provide an ongoing opportunity for Veterans to come to the studio to record on videotape their stories. In the current situation of the COVID Pandemic, interviews are suspended until further notice.  Programs in the Veterans Project cablecast as a regular series on NSTV’s channel, on Ch. 20 (Optimum) and Ch. 37 ( Verizon FIOS) on Long Island. As with our other NSTV projects, these programs will be available to the national network of local community access channels. In addition, we will make copies available to the local libraries’ video collection, schools and Veterans’ organizations. 

Our objective is to reach out to our elected officials, community organizations and individuals for sponsorship of this project. Our supporters receive credit at the end of every program of this series and in all publicity associated with this project.

** Currently Airing on Tuesday’s at 10pm, Wednesday’s at 6 & 6:30pm and Thursday’s at 10 & 10:30pm.**