Technology is a powerful tool that can transform Nonprofit Organizations, helping them to share their mission and accomplish more. However, for many Nonprofit Organizations, television and media is too big of an expense. NSTV recognizes the community need for information and services provided by Nonprofit Organizations that serve the local area. 

By becoming an NPO member of NSTV your organizations members will have the ability to be trained on equipment to enable them to produce informational programming and announcements on their own. Your organizations programs and public service announcements will be cablecast on NSTV’s television channels on Verizon and Optimum and any announcements posted on NSTV’s community message board.   Any programming produced at NSTV is the property of the organization and therefore can be posted on your website and all social media platforms.

As part of our commitment to giving back to our community, NSTV’s Nonprofit Program is focused on utilizing the technology strength and skill of our organization to develop solutions that benefit and support these organizations and help them promote their mission.

Nonprofit yearly membership: $150.00

For more information please call Erica Bradley at 516-629-3710 ext 12 or