Outage credits will be issued to those customers who were without Optimum service during Tropical Storm Isaias but had power

  • Qualified customers that were affected by a confirmed/verified outageas a result of Tropical Storm Isaias will be issued a credit for service loss.
  • Credits will be applied this month starting with cycle B and continuing with cycles C, D and A.
  • Amount of credit is calculated for the duration of the service outagewhile power was available and the customer’s monthly charge.
  • Adjustments will appear on customer bill statements over the next billing cycle.
  • The credit applied is for the time that your Optimum service was not available as a result of the storm while you had power at your premise.
  • The credit does not include the time that your electricity was down.

The cable television franchise agreements between each of the 15 incorporated villages and Verizon New York, Inc. and Altice USA are currently in negotiations.  

Questions/Comments can me emailed to commission at:


What does the Cable Commission do?

The Cable Commission advises and assists the 15 incorporated villages of Great Neck/ North Shore in negotiations with cable providers (Verizon and Altice), to obtain favorable franchise agreement terms. It evaluates future cable television needs for the next franchise period (typically 10 years), and seeks agreement renewals that address those needs, including maintenance of state-of-the-art cable services throughout Great Neck/North Shore.  

Its members meet monthly to to review and share information, monitor the performance of cable TV providers and compliance with franchise agreements, and assist Great Neck/ North Shore subscribers with relevant matters.

What is expected of Commission members?

One of the most important responsibilities of the commission is to obtain the best possible cable TV franchise agreements for Great Neck/North Shore. Maintenance and support of the Public Access Channels is also a critical task, as these cable television channels have tremendous potential for enhancing communication and engagement among residents, particularly those that prefer television over print or electronic media.

Members are expected to keep abreast of relevant industry issues and to be aware of cable television services being provided in neighboring communities.

What professional, volunteer, and/or personal experiences have been helpful to Commission members?

No specific experience is required to serve on the commission. Current and past members have had diverse professional backgrounds, including prior governmental volunteer service, telecommunications and broadcast professionals, advertising and marketing executives, and lawyers.  Commissioners are appointed by each village.

Great Neck/North Shore Cable Commissioners

Bill Clemency – Chair, GN/NSCC
Village of Flower Hill

Robert M. Schaufeld, Esq. – V.Chair
Village of Thomaston

Kamran Barelli – Secretary GN/NS Commission
Village of Saddle Rock

Shirley Bruno
Village of North Hills

Randy Chaplin
Village of Great Neck Estates

Abe Bronchtein
Village of Munsey Park

Larry Farkas
Village of Lake Success

Aida Ferman
Village of Plandome Heights

Kevin Dunn
Village of Plandome Manor

Amy Hughes  

Village of Kings Point


Raymond Iryami
Village of Kensington

Ken Levine  
Village of Russell Gardens

Ted Rosen  
Village of Great Neck Plaza

Elliot S. Rosenblatt
Village of Great Neck

Katie McEnroe
Village of Plandome